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Mick Gordon assembles his heavy metal choir for Doom Eternal

Heavy Metal Choir are probably some words you never thought you’d hear in the same sentence. But that’s just what’s on tap for Doom Eternal.

Eternal metal

Metal, in a few different ways, is a core element to Doom. Thats’ especially true of this new Doom universe that Bethesda and iD have created, beginning with 2016’s reboot.

Now on the eve of Doom Eternal’s release, we’re getting a little behind the scenes look at what went into the soundtrack. Once again brought to you by the masterful Mick Gordon, the Doom Eternal OST is once again filled with hard rock, brutal riffs, and guttural chants. This time though, those chants are a little different.

Gordon has assembled a literal choir of metal singers for this one, and the result is pretty freaking awesome.

Have a listen:

So not only do we get to hear a little of the soundtrack there, but we get some hints as to what’ll be revealed during Doom Eternal’s campaign. The Slayer has been shrouded in mystery since his reintroduction in Doom 2016, but this music itself actually adds to his story.

According to Bethesda, the language that the chant is spoken in is “pieced together from a mysterious and ancient language that hearkens back to the Slayer’s origins”. So will Eternal be taking clearing the fog as to just who and what the Doom Slater actually is? Don’t bet on it being a completely clear picture, but it does sound like we’ll be learning quite a bit more about the ancient hero.

Doom Eternal lands on Xbox One, PS4, and the PC on March 20th. The Nintendo Switch version has no date just yet, but stay tuned.

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