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Black Adam finally coming to theaters in 2021

It has, at times, felt like Duane Johnson’s big screen adaptation of DC Comics’ Black Adam was never going to happen. Well, it’s happening.


You’d be excused if you thought this day would never be coming. After all, it’s been literally years since The Rock (Johnson) and Warner Bros announced that Black Adam would be getting the silver screen treatment.

Back when the film was originally announced, the DCEU looked mighty different too. Now it’s effectively two film universes, one with the original Wonder Woman/Aquaman/Justice League line, and one that will spin out of 2021’s The Batman.

It’s unclear which of these will play host to Black Adam, though one would presume the former, since that’s the one with Shazam. But either way, it’s a super-anti-hero flick that’s officially official.

Check out The Rock’s thoughts on playing the character below:

Some interesting stuff in there. Adam has never been a purely heroic character, in fact he’s been a straight-up villain for a good amount of DC Comics history. At times though, the ruler of the fictional country of Kahndaq has indeed been something of an anti-hero.

What’s completely left out of the above though, is mention of Captain Marvel Shazam. As you may know, he’s already played by Zachery Levi in the DC movies.

Adam is tied into Shazam by origin, with the powers of both having come from the original Shazam, who was an ancient wizard. Will the movie tell Adam’s origin story, which would be set in ancient Egypt, or bring things into the modern age? And might we see Levi’s Shazam in there somewhere?

We’ll find out, but not for a while, as Black Adam isn’t set to arrive till December 22nd, 2021.

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