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Original Diablo gets Hellfire expansion on GOG

Internet storefront GOG continues to build its Blizzard library. First fans got the all-time classic Diablo, and now the Hellfire expansion has arrived.

Going to hell

The game that really started the whole aRPG craze back in the 90s, Diablo is an icon. Set against the forces of the title arch-demon, Diablo cast players into the sieged realm of Tristram.

It was there that they delved into dark dungeons, battled slavering hordes of demons, and got killed mercilessly by the Butcher about a hundred times before finally taking him out. And that was just the first mission!

Diablo of course, would go on to spawn two sequels (with more to come). But it’s that original title that still holds a special spot in the heart of many a PC gamer. A while ago, it saw re-release on GOG, a retailer who specializes in updating (so they’re playable on today’s machines) PC classics. And now that version of the game is getting even better with the release of Hellfire.

But this is no normal expansion pack. Hellfire is, believe it or not, unofficial. It was so popular and well made though, that it’s being added onto GOG’s version of Diablo complete with Blizzard’s seal of approval. Better yet, it’s free.

Hellfire comes to Diablo

Originally developed by Synergistic Software and released in 1997, Hellfire was not an official Blizzard product and did not carry Blizzard’s endorsement or label. Despite that, in response to Diablo players who have expressed a desire to experience the content, Blizzard has given the OK for it to be included as a free add-on with Diablo purchases on GOG.COM.

Hellfire offers a non-canonical single-player storyline where players must defeat a powerful demon named Na-Krul who is threatening Tristram. The expansion also adds a Monk class, new weapons and items, new missions, locations, dungeons, and enemies. Hellfire will be accessible while launching the original Diablo.

GOG press release

Don’t have a copy of GOG’s Diablo? Then you’ll be happy to know that it’s 10% off right now, as a part of the company’s summer sale.

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