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Negan and Julia arrive for Tekken 7

It’s been a while, but The Walking Dead’s Negan is finally almost here for Tekken 7. He’s joined by longtime Iron Fist combatant Julia.

Fresh content

Tekken 7 might have been out for a while, but the content is still coming. And that includes a piece of content that fans have been waiting for. Of course, that’d be The Walking Dead’s Negan.

  • Julia Chang
    • Country: USA
    • Fighting Style: Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Baji Quan
    • After retiring as the masked fighter Jaycee, Julia concentrated fully on expanding her reforestation efforts around the globe, far from the fighting scene. But her project quickly needed money. Finding it difficult to secure backers, Julia was forced to return to the fight far sooner than she had wanted. Seeking one final fight, she made it her mission to beat Kazuya Mishima. Doing so, she theorised, would gain the global attention, and subsequent funding, that her project required.
  • Negan
    • Country: USA
    • Fighting Style: N/A
    • The Walking Dead’s Negan, the charismatic leader of the Saviors, brought other communities together under his thumb with the motto “people are a resource.” One day, Negan received reports that an unknown group had taken out several of his men. Per his standard policy, he enacted a plan to capture and make an example of them. The survivors fell into Negan’s carefully laid trap, but, just as he was choosing his victim to serve as an example, the group put up an intense fight and escaped. Negan worried they would disturb his new world order if he did not deal with them swiftly. Taking his barbed-wire bat Lucille – named after his beloved wife – into his hand, he set out to take care of these foolish ingrates who would challenge his authority.

I still find Negan’s inclusion in Tekken to be odd at best. And how he could possibly fit into the story is a pretty big mystery. Nevertheless, there are more than a few fans who are excited about it. And he does look pretty cool here in this trailer, even with the staggering amount of profanity. Again too, he’s not the only new fighter, as Julia is finally back in the fold too.

Officially, these two are DLC numbers 8 and 9. They’re available separately, and are both a part of the season 2 pass. Look for them to become available on the 28th of this month.

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