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Timed Resident Evil 2 demo on the way

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to see how far you can get in Resident Evil 2 in 30 minutes.

Evil, but only a little

Kind of innovative is this new Resident Evil 2 demo, which grants players only 30 minutes of play time. Called the “1-Shot Demo” by Capcom, the early chance to play the new remake in a bite-sized chunk.

Aptly named the “1-Shot Demo,” players must take on the challenge of surviving the horrors of Raccoon City in just 30 minutes. If players complete the mission objective under 30 minutes, they can restart the mission until they use up their full time. If players succumb to the zombies during their 30 minutes, they can continue any number of times until the full 30 minutes have been reached.

Capcom press release

Yes, it’s a little weird. But hey, at least tim get to play early, and for free. Always nice.

The demo starts you off as Leon, in the Raccoono City police station, so it’s right at the top of the game’s campaign. Your job of course, is to make it through said police HQ. Not that easy of a task considering that it’s been overrun by T-Virus zombies.

Should you actually make it through in the allowed time though, you’ll find a nice little bonus for your efforts. Capcom says that beating the demo will grant players a special “brand new cinematic trailer exclusive to demo participants”.

Your an watch that as many times as you like too, though that doesn’t go for the demo. Regardless of how many times you die, you only have 30 in-game minutes of play. So if you don’t make it… you don’t make it.

The 1-Shot Demo arrives on the PS4 and Xbox One on January the 11th, and will be available through the 31st. As for the full game, that hits before the demo terminates, and will be in stores on January 25th.

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