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Get an early look at Battlefleet Gothic – Armada 2’s gameplay

In the unending void of space, there is only war between massive capital ships. See them all in action in the new trailer for Battlefleet Gothic – Armada 2.

Let the galaxy burn

I hadn’t played the original Battlefleet Gothic – Armada, but after watching this trailer I kind of want to.

Beautiful chaos there in that short, and some of the best looking graphics I’ve seen in a space-based strategy game. The game itself sounds pretty great too, with the promise of the biggest battles yet seen in the series. The reason for that is that Battlefleet Gothic Armada II will have more factions and ships than before. So you can imagine the manner of scraps you’ll be able to get into.

It’s more than just cosmetic too. Developer Tindalos promises that each faction will feel different during play.

Be it unique ways of moving through space or weird, alien weaponry and ships, each faction feels distinct from its peers. Even those that share similarities such as the Aeldari Corsairs and Asuryani Craftworlds or the Tau Protectorate Fleet and Merchant Fleet have differences in what they can field. This lets your faction selection, and choice of ships, armaments, admiral skills, and fleet upgrades allow for total customization and massive impact.

All that, and Battlefleet Gothic Armada II is coming up fast too. The game is set to launch on the PC on January 24th. Before that though, there’ll be a beta test you can dig into. The initial phase of that, will start up on December 5th and run through the 12th.

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