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NYCC 2018: New DC Essentials figures include Supergirl and Wonder Woman

DC will be expanding its Essentials line of of action figures with some heavy hitters. Fresh Wonder Woman and Superman-themed characters are on the way.

Essential heroes and villains

Continuing to be an impressive line of action figures, DC Collectibles’ Essentials series has been a great replacement for Icons so far. We started off with a whole mess of big time heroes and villains last year, and now DC has announced what looks to be a great new expansion.

A total of four new figures were shown at NYCC this past weekend, including Wonder Woman. I could have sworn she was in the first volley, but it’s about time she showed up if she wasn’t. This wave was designed by DC Comics’ artist Jason Fabok too, so it looks darn good.

It will include:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Supergirl
  • Cheetah
  • Cyborg Superman

Supergirl looks good enough, but Wonder Woman looks flat out great in her latest costume. Speaking of WW too, it’s pretty cool that DC chose this version of Cheetah. It’s far and away the coolest she’s looks, and she’s right there with Cyborg Superman as the best figure in this new wave.

Not that the Cyborgs any slouch. That silvery paint job on the robotic half of him is really nicely done. Although, these are all preview images, which is something you might want to keep in mind. I’m sure there will be some changes between these shots and the figures’ final retail release.

That’ll be June of next year by the way, when this new wave arrives. Each will cost you $26 USD.

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