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DC’s Metal gets even more Metal with tunes from Mastodon’s Brann Dailor

DC Comics’ Metal crossover has wrapped up, and its changed the DCU forever in some very interesting ways. It’s also apparently sparked Metal band Mastodon’s Brann Dailor to create some music.

Metal is metal

I loved Metal. Well, most of it. Though it had some lulls, the storyline was a big one. Metal opened the DCU up to a whole slew of new “dark” universes, and the threats therein. So it’s more than likely going to have a pretty big impact on the heroes and villains of DC’s unnerves for a long time to come.

And that’s good, because now it has some musical accompaniment. So you can grab a copy of the collected edition and crank up some hard rock tunes from one Brann Dailor. He’d be the same Dailor that fronts metal group Mastodon. And if you’re familiar with their music, then you already have an idea of what “Red Death” sounds like.

Yep, that’s the name of the track. Fans should recognize that immediately from Metal. It’s the name of the evil version of Batman that had taken Flash’s abilities. And also, kind of an inspired choice here I think.

Red Death will run you $1.29 USD, and can be heard/downloaded by pretty much every music delivery service out there. Click here to grab a copy for yourself.

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