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New Thanos and Spider-Man figures bring the Infinity War to Disney Stores

Diamond Select Toys has a pair of new Marvel Select figures ready to go for this week’s Infinity War release. Spider-Man and the film’s big-bad himself, Thanos are heading to retail this weekend.

Infinity exclusives

This is an interesting pair of Disney Store exclusives. A part of the Marvel Select line from DST, this week sees both Thanos and Spider-Man make their way to the retailer. What’s interesting though, is that while Spider-Man is the Tom Holland (movie) version, Thanos is not.

Thanos is pretty definitively the main villain in the Infinity War film that’s about to open worldwide. This version though, is comic book-based. I’m thinking that was a wise move too. This is easily the villain at his most iconic, even though it’s based on a recent appearance. The Infinity War version however, is not. I don’t know about you, but I don’t picture a blue tank top and brown pants when I think “Thanos”.

The figure of The Mad Titan is based on his appearance in the 2013 mini-series Infinity, which saw him attempting to once again defeat Earth’s Mightiest – the Avengers. Standing in at 7.75″ tall, this is a great looking representation of Thanos, and does include a helmetless head for an alternate look. So you can kinda/sorta make the version that appears in the movie. As you can see too, he comes with the Gauntlet, which is pretty nice.

As for Spider-Man, this is the Homecoming version of the legendary Marvel hero.

And that means that he’s got the more traditional Spidey costume. Not that I’m in love with any version of Spider-Man that the MCU has on display, but this is pretty easily the best look he’s got. Yes, I include the “Iron Spider” riff from Infinity War in that statement.

Worth noting here though, is that this figure does not include a masked head. There’s one out there already that does, and what makes this one “new” is that we’re getting Tom Holland’s visage.

Spidey is a little smaller than Thanos, and is 6.75″ tall. Both figures boast 16 points of articulation. The two of them will also be made available at the same time, hitting Disney Stores this coming Friday (April 27th).

Check out the gallery below for some very cool pics of the figures in “action”. DST knows how to make these guys look good.

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