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DRAGON QUEST XI To Release Western Version

DRAGON QUEST XI Finally Coming to the West

Many gamers absolutely love the DRAGON QUEST series. It is one of the most popular role-playing franchises in the industry, and with good reason. The graphics, stories, and characters are all incredible throughout all of the games. Square Enix looks to have created another masterpiece of a game with DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. On September 4th, customers can finally get the Western Version. This Playstation 4 and Steam exclusive is the eleventh mainline game in the series. Fans have highly anticipated DRAGON QUEST XI, but it is also more geared towards newcomers. A brand new set of characters as well as a new story line are what make this so appealing to everyone.

The original version of the game, released in Japan, was incredibly well received. It won multiple gaming awards, along with PlayStation’s Platinum Prize and perfect ratings from publications such as Famitsu.

The Gameplay and New Features

The first look at the gameplay of DRAGON QUEST XI really shows off the beauty of the landscape as well as the action of the game, and gives a great glimpse at the game mechanics and voice acting. The visually stunning title sequence also exemplifies how well made this game is, and gives a good glimpse into the world you’ll be exploring.

The original version of DRAGON QUEST XI already provides over 100 hours of content, but the Western release will have even more features and content. Some examples are:

  • An English voiceover.
  • A hard mode for more experienced players, called Draconian Quest.
  • Overhauled Menus and UI, with graphical enhancements and better navigation.
  • Camera Mode, which will allow you to view the incredible world around you in more detail.
  • A dash function.
  • Improved character and camera movement.


Those who pre-order the game from the PlayStation Store will get some pretty great bonuses. First off you receive “The Legend Reborn” exclusive theme instantly, but you also get in-game DLC items once DRAGON QUEST XI finally launches. More details can be found on the store page.

Spare Enix will also have a store exclusive version available, though they have yet to announce what the perks of buying from them directly will be. The DRAGON QUEST XI Website will be updated with details once they are announced.

DRAGON QUEST XI seems like it will be one of the most enticing and immersive RP games out there.  We’ll see on September 4th just how much more there is to this game than what we’ve seen so far. Those interested in updates on the game should be checking both the Square Enix and DRAGON QUEST XI official sites, as they are always adding news, videos, and screenshots for the game.

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