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Dungeons & Dragons doc enters post-production, launches Kickstarter

Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons is a documentary that’s set to focus on the set behind one of the most-played tabletop RPGs of all time.

It’s all in the eye

I know what you were thinking, but no this isn’t a book. We run so many art books here on BG that that’s what I immediately thought this was when I saw the title. But it’s actually a good deal cooler than a book. That’s because Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons is a feature-length film.

The movie comes from the minds of Kelley Slagle, Brian Stillman, and Seth Polansky, who’ve spent three years working on the project. In that time they’ve done a lot of leg work. Crisscrossing the US, the team interviewed huge names in fantasy art and D&D in specific.

Names like:

  • Jeff Easley
  • Larry Elmore
  • Clyde Caldwell
  • Jennell Jaquays
  • Darlene
  • Tony DiTerlizzi
  • Brom
  • Erol Otus
  • Todd Lockwood
  • Jeff Dee
  • Diesel LaForce
  • Donato Giancola
  • Steve Prescott
  • Chris Seaman

And yes, you can add “many, many more” to that list. Point being, it’s a pretty comprehensive assembly of talent. And the film is pretty much done at this point. So why the Kickstarter?

Launched on Valentine’s Day, the Kickstarter campaigns to get some last minute cash built up to that the movie can be finished. And it’s currently in post-production, so it’s almost there. This isn’t vapor by any means.

And actually, there are some pretty nice rewards if you’re thinking about backing.

Rewards include copies of the film either digitally or on DVD; hand-signed prints by Larry Elmore, Brom, Jennell Jaquays, Erol Otus, Tony DiTerlizzi, and Todd Lockwood; and two different T-shirts featuring new, exclusive art by Jeff Easley!

Not bad at all.

Assuming the movie completes its time in post, you’ll be able to see it pretty soon. Cavegirl Productions and X-Ray Films are looking to debut it this coming August (where else) at Gen Con 2018 Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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