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IDW plans monster Ghostbusters crossover event

The boys in gray are about to gals with the orange stripes (and maybe a few dozen other ‘Busters) in Ghostbusters: Crossing Over.

That’s one big Twinkie

IDW’s Ghostbusters books have evolved nicely over the last few years. They’ve told brand new stories featuring the original cast of characters, and branched them out as a global ghost-busting force. They’ve even paired them up with the likes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thanks to a dimensional cross-rip.

Hold onto that thought, cause it’s about to impact the Busters books yet again.

For a while now, the original Ghostbusters have had access to an interdimensional portal that has given them all-new ways to research the paranormal and consult with Ghostbusters throughout the multiverse. But when it unleashes the contents of the Ghostbusters’ Containment Unit,  it’s going to take a lot of Ghostbusters to recapture all the ghosts!

Who you gonna call? EVERYONE!

Intrigued? If you’re a fan, then the answer’s probably “yes”. And if that’s the case then you’ll be happy to learn that the creative team for this one’s almost as great as the lineup of characters.

Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening, and Luis Antonio Delgado will be bringing the adventure to life. Covers will be brought to fans by Schoening as well, along with Joe Quinones and Tim Lattie.

“This story has something for everyone who has ever loved an iteration of the Ghostbusters,” said series writer Burnham. “The Prime team from the original movies? There. The Real Ghostbusters? Present. The Extreme team? Accounted for. Not to mention the characters from the video games, the 2016 movie, and the originals we’ve created for the comics! If you don’t like one character, don’t worry, we have others! BUNCHES of others.”

“The biggest challenges from an artistic perspective is emulating the styles of the Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, Sanctum of Slime and any other teams that may pop up,” said series artist Schoening. “Not only do we want to honor the distinct look of the characters, but also the backgrounds and ghouls. Luckily and gratefully, we have already had a chance to play with many of those characters in previous books.”

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