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Sega releases new boss battle and “Hero” footage from Sonic Forces

Speeding towards release, get a better look at Sonic Forces Hero characters and a new boss in these fresh videos from Sega.

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First up, we have a look at the Rental Avatar and some boss gameplay from a section of Sonic Forces. Rental Avatar is a new mode that involves the player-created Hero characters by the way. In it, gamers can swap heroes online. This gives them access to that new Hero’s wispon (not a misspelling). They can then also hot swap between that downloaded Hero and their own at any time in a level.

You’ll also get a peek at an Infinite boss in action here. He’s the baddie tossing out those painful red bricks and making life a general chore for the Hero.

Next up, we’ll take a peek at the Chemical Plant Zone. Always a classic in a Sonic title, this version of the Chem Plant switches between 3D and 2D as you play. It also shows off another Hero character. And yes, it has plenty of everything that you’d expect to see in a Sonic title.

Not too shabby. I’ve heard some disconcerting things about Sonic Forces, but as a fan myself, it’s looking pretty sharp to me. Check it out when it lands on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC on November 7th.

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