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Visit Need for Speed Payback’s Fortune Valley in new trailer

With loads to do, and stunning graphics, Need for Speed Payback’s Fortune Valley should offer more than enough for driving fans to dig into.

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In the corrupt gamblers paradise, each region is filled to the brim with events, activities, and collectables. Cruise through the glamour and grit of Silver Rock or drift up and down the mountain switchbacks of Mount Providence. Tear up terrain in the arid badlands of Liberty Desert, or carve your way through the deep gorges of Silver Canyon as you lose yourself in your own driving adventure.

It’s always a struggle to make a racing game stand out from the pack. We’re kind go in an era where all the “realistic” racers more or less blend together in terms of looks and gameplay. Outside of tertiary deviations that is. And it’s those extras and additions to the standard formula that tend to make all the difference.

In the case of the latest Need for Speed, EA has a pretty solid slate of ideas. And yes, I know that open worlds are nothing new in racers. But actually traveling around them, and trying to find parts and salvage to add onto your ride kind of is. It’s kind of cool too. The mechanic could add a ton towards getting gamers to come back again and again to get back into Payback.

Add to that “the biggest open world” that Need for Speed has ever had (according to EA) and you have a recipe that could be just the ticket to pull in racing gamers by the carload. Check it out when Payback hits the Xbox One and PS4 on November 10th.

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