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Knolan brings his arcane magic to Battle Chasers: Nightwar

What’s a strategic fantasy game without a little magic to blast your enemies with? Fortunately, Knolan is here to make sure that’s not the case in Battle Chasers.


Nothing like an angry old man with a magic-casting staff to ward off the demons. That seems to be Knolan’s deal anyway. You know, angry and casts magic spells. Or maybe he’s just crotchety? Is there a difference?

Anyway, here’s his bio:

Knolan is a wizened old mage troubled by the rapid decline of mana – the source of all magic power in the world. In BattleChasers: Nightwar, he is not only a powerful damage dealer, but also a strong healer capable of reviving a fallen team mate. With his huge spell book and a short temper, Knolan is far more dangerous than he may first appear. He can shoot arcane missiles, fireballs and ice lances at his enemies and unleash a devastating firestorm. One of his powerful Burst abilities is Eldritch Summon: tentacles from another plane reach out through a portal and are damaging all foes.

Nope, definitely angry. And useful in battle from the sound of that. Battle Chasers: Nightwar follows up on the comic book of (mostly) the same name, and offers what looks to be some nice graphics and turn-based combat.

Battle Chasers arrives on the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 3rd.

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