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DC’s Dark Days begin with The Casting, and Scott Snyder is talking Metal

DC Comics’ big event for the Summer, Metal is going to be important. Writer Scott Snyder has gone on record this week, about what’s coming up.


From reading the DC Comics interview with Scott Snyder, it certainly doesn’t seem as though Metal is going to be a Crisis-level event. At the same time though, it’s not exactly light fare either.

Starting this week (officially) with The Casting, Metal opens doors that’ve been closed till now. Basically, we’re going to get a look at a part of the DC multiverse that’s been hidden away. Of course, the reason for that is that it’s just been thought up by Snyder, one of the most celebrated Batman writers in recent times.

It was he who crafted the New 52 run for the iconic DC character, and launched All-Star Batman in the Rebirth era. It was also Snyder who, along with artist Greg Capullo, produced Endgame.

A modern classic, Endgame was an arc that saw Batman “die”, and take Joker with him. Of course, they died next to one of Ra’s al Ghul’s immortality-granting Lazarus pits. So, you know, it was kind of only a matter of time till they both returned.

Now that we’re relatively deep into the Rebirth era, it’s time to shake things up. But while Metal is set to be a darker-toned tale, it’ll also be one filled with fan-service, and fantastical moments, according to Snyder. So it won’t quite be as grim as Endgame was. As a Bat-fan, I can appreciate that.

Darkness pervades the DCU

As mentioned above, the whole thing centers on a part of the multiverse hidden away. It’s not a very nice place either, filled with what sounds like pure chaos. And there’s a mystery at its heart, that plays out in three different time periods. That’s what will lead readers down the path to the core of Metal.

Metal also represents the first larger scale event in DC’s Rebirth. It sounds like it will be diving  right into the forthcoming Doomsday Clock event as well, which will involve The Watchmen’s Doc Manhattan, and Superman.

So we’re getting two smaller events, something Batman-focused and something Superman-focused. Kind of neat. While much of Doomsday Clock is still under wraps, Snyder talks fairly plainly about Metal in the interview I’m citing here.

You might want to pick up The Casting, out this week, before you read it. Click here for more.

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