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Take a tour of Talos 1 in Prey’s latest trailer

The ultimate in corporate luxury in the final frontier, Prey’s Talos 1 is a lovely place to visit. Unfortunately, pretty much everything there is out to kill you.

Spared no expense

Not too shabby! Well, except for the automatic defenses and the, you know, alien hordes killing everything in sight. Aside form the looks though, we also got a few little nuggets of info in this new trailer for Prey.

You probably guessed already, but there’s something very shady going on at Talos 1. And apparently, the closer you get to the core of the space station in Prey, the more you’ll learn. It’s also pretty neat that the alien infestation is presented as a “wave” that you (as Morgan Yu) are right behind.

I had figured, for some reason, that Morgan would be the only survivor, and therefor would be pretty lonely in Talos’ corridors. Apparently not though, since we see that there are all kinds of NPC’s all over the place. I dig that a lot, as it adds in a living element to Talos. And even though it’s a science fiction paradise, it actually feels all that much more grounded in reality because of it.

Every time I see it in action, I’m more and more into what Arkane is developing here. Their Prey reboot looks as good as it gets, and I can’t wait ti dive in. The game officially arrives for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May the 5th, and will have a single player demo that is set to go live on April 27th.

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