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Two new DC Rebirth trades hit with Nightwing and Green Lanterns

Been waiting on those Rebirth trade paperbacks to get into DC Comics’ Rebirth era? Then you should be very happy with the latest releases from the publisher.

Nightwing and the Green Lanterns join the trade lineup

I have to admit, I haven’t been reading Nightwing. And that’s not something that I’m all that happy with, since I’m a big fan of Batman’s protege. It might be that I was so soured by the previous book with the character, that featured him as a secret agent, that I’ve been ignoring it.

That’s going to be rectified though, thanks to this new trade paperback that hit last week. And if you’ve been waiting on the onslaught of trades, then your time has come. We reported on a pair of them a few weeks back, but there’s way more available now. On the stands at present are collected editions of Superman, Green Arrow, Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Justice League, Green Lanters, and Nightwing.

A solid selection of reading right there for DC fans, and those who’ve been looking on with a piqued interest. And, by the way, your interest should be piqued. DC’s Rebirth initiative has been pretty terrific overall, getting so many of its classic heroes back to their more iconic selves, while not completely rebooting anything.

The books should be available in pretty much any comic book or book shop right now. You can scroll down for previews of both of the newest tomes, below.

Nightwing Vol.1 – ‘Better Than Batman’

Green Lanterns Vol.1 – ‘Rage Planet’

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