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The Flash Flashpoint S3E1 (TV) Review

The Flash season 2 ends with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) defeats Hunter Zolomon, who is taken away by time wraiths for his crime. Barry insists on engaging the speed force to go back and stop Eobard Thawne from killing his mother Nora.

The Flash Flashpoint

Barry stops Eobard, his mother is alive, his father is safe at home. And the world he knows is forever changed. While he is used to seeing Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) as a father-figure, Joe no longer knows who Barry is. The same can be said for his daughter Iris. Rather than being lifelong friends with the West family, Barry now has to nervously introduce himself to the cute girl on the block.

the flash flashpointThere are presently four speedsters in Central City: Barry, who is unknown to most at this point, Kid Flash (Wally West is the Flash in this reality), Eobard Thawne (imprisoned by Barry) and The Rival, Edward Clariss. Clariss believes he is the fastest man alive, and challenges Kid Flash at every opportunity.

What To Do

Meanwhile, Eobard is imprisoned, but attempts to inform Barry that his actions have dangerous effects. The longer they remain in the present reality, the greater probability that they will re-write their reality. If Barry remains here for too long, then the reality he is used to, will cease to be. Barry, being the youthfully bullheaded hero that he is, does not want to acknowledge this. He continues on having a grand time, speeding around town.

Barry nervously asks Iris out for coffee, but only after making up an excuse of her dropping some files in order to start the conversation. Iris suggests he learn to talk a little bit slower. Across town, Barry arrives at work and makes excuses for Joe West’s tardiness. Apparently this is a recurring theme here. After several occurrences, Barry uses his abilities to grab Joe, get him cleaned up and in the elevator to keep Joe from being suspended.


In the original reality, Cisqo Ramone was a tech whiz and friend of Barry’s. Cisqo and Dr. Wells were responsible for Flash’s suit and communications equipment. In the new reality, Cisqo continues to be quite the tech whiz, but now he is a billionaire, and has no idea who Barry is. The other part of the original team was Dr. Caitlin Snow, a bioengineer. Dr. Snow is now a pediatric opthamologist. Barry assembles as many of his original team as he can, with the exception of Dr. Wells. Once the team is back together, they figure out how to track down The Rival, and make a plan to defeat him.

The Rival is much more experienced with the speed force than Kid Flash, capable of launching lightning and causing tornadoes with his quickness. Barry is able to stop the rival, but Wally is injured in the process. Joe is shown that Kid Flash is actually Wally West, which bridges a family gap in the process.

Barry realizes he needs to set things back to how they were. He releases Thawne with the understanding that things need to be made right again.

“Things are back to how they should be. For me, anyway.  For you, well, I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out.” -Eobard Thawne

The Flash airs on the CW Network Tuesdays, at 8/7 central, US.

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