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Civil War II #6 (Comics) Preview

A dark vision of the future shows Miles Morales about to off Cap in Civil War II #6.

Is Steve Rogers about to be killed off… again?!

This October, friendships will be pushed to the limit, alliances will be broken – and the Marvel Universe will be shaken. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside CIVIL WAR II #6 – the next blistering chapter from creators Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez! They were prepared to stop catastrophes before they happened. But what about a vision so preposterous it couldn’t possibly come true? Or could it? As the next glimpse of the future reveals Miles Morales standing over what remains of the original Captain America, Steve Rogers – true convictions will be tested. How far would you go to protect the future? Would you turn on one of your own? The answers may surprise you! Be there as the battle rages on this October in CIVIL WAR II #6!

Smart money is that this vision has something to do with the storyline going down in Cap’s book. Remember, Steve Rogers is now a Hydra double agent. That’s thanks to some tinkering with reality not all that long ago. You know, living embodiment of the Cosmic Cube and all.

And if that becomes public knowledge in the Marvel U at some point, and I assume that it will, then there’s going to be a rumble. So there just might be a case where Miles and Steve battle and, well who knows how it might go. In the case of Civil War II #6, I think we’re looking at a whole lot of foreshadowing… and maybe a little taste of things to come.

Catch it on October 26th.

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