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Dishonored 2 gets creative in new trailer

Well it certainly looks as though Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ stealth/action series hasn’t gotten any less creative in Dishonored 2.

Creative kills? Yep, that’s Dishonored 2

It’s not easy to pull off some of that stuff in the newest trailer for Dishonored 2 of course, but that’s half the fun. Creativity was one of the hallmarks of the first game, and one of the reasons it got so much critical acclaim remember. And whether you’re playing once again as Corvo, or as his daughter (and empress) Emily, the new game lets you tackle any given situation in a whole mess of different ways too.

Tricks like spring traps, body-snatching, time-bending and lots more are at your disposal. Each of the two playable characters will have their own abilities, and strengths and weaknesses too, so there’s seemingly a lot of variation here. And if there’s one thing that gamers who have mastered Dishonored’s combat system love, it’s variation.

Back stabbing

As for the game itself, Dishonored 2 sees you taking either of the above mentioned roles on a quest to restore the throne. Emily is the rightful empress, but has been disposed by the nasty Delilah. Of course, her father isn’t going to sit and watch that debacle play out. And neither is she, especially since he’s trained her in his unique fighting abilities. Almost makes you feel bad for old Delilah, doesn’t it?

Tune up your runes and dust off that mask, Dishonored 2 lands on consoles and the PC on November 11th.

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