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CoD Zombies gets its own comic from Dark Horse

Call of Duty Zombies is getting a comic all its own.

Dark Horse expands its Call of Duty slate

Already well into Activision’s action FPS video game franchise with a standalone series, Dark Horse is no stranger to CoD. Things are about to take a decidedly darker tone though, with some shambling undead.

A phenomenon all its own, Call of Duty’s zombie mode has become a juggernaut. There are almost as many gamers who buy CoD’s yearly installments for the zombies mode than anything else. So with that in mind, it’s probably about time that it got a bit of an expansion.

Dark Horse’s new book will do just that, expand the lore of the series’ undead. Tapping Justin Jordan of Green Lantern fame and artist Jonathan Wayshak, the book will feature a story by Zombies (the game version) creator Jason Blundell and lead writer, Craig Houston. That story will go back a few games worth of tales, all the way to the characters that you played as in the version that shipped with Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Call of Duty ZombiesOn his quest to secure an ancient artifact known as The Kronorium, Doctor Edward Richtofen enlists the help of The Tranzit Crew, a rag tag group of survivors last seen in the Black Ops II Zombies installment Buried. On a deeply unstable and fractured future Earth, Stuhlinger, Misty, Russman, and Marlton battle for survival against the undead horde, as they slowly uncover the truth behind Richtofen’s mysterious reappearance. The Call of Duty: Zombies miniseries follows these characters’ perilous journey of discovery, filling in crucial pieces of the larger Zombies story.

Into it? Well honestly, if you’re a CoD Zombies fan, I already know the answer to that. The comic is set to run a total of six issues for its inaugural run, which kicks off on October the 19th. I’m sure there’ll be plenty more to come too, depending on how well it does. And given that this is CoD Zombies we’re talking about, well… I’m sure there’ll be plenty more to come.

CoD Zombies invade the big Con

Also worthy of note, is that if you’re going to be at SDCC, then you’re in for a zombified treat. On the 21st, Blunder will take part in Dark Horse’s Comics & Video Games panel at 5pm Pacific time. He won’t just be talking comics either, as he’ll reportedly “shed light onto some of the secrets hidden within the Call of Duty: Zombies saga”. So don’t miss that one if you’re a rotter devotee.

If you’re more in the mood for some signatures, Dark Horse has you covered there too. That same day, Blunder and Houston both will be appearing at the DHC booth, which is #2615 on the show floor. You can catch them there at 12noon (also Pacific time).

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