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Kamiya Teases a Bayonetta 3 and Okami 2

Talk of a Bayonetta 3 and an Okami sequel are in the wind.

The well acclaimed games developer Hideki Kamiya has hinted at wanting to create a new Bayonetta instalment as well as teased about a sequel to Okami, a Japanese action/adventure based videogame.

In an interview with Game Central, Kamiya teased, rather blatantly about starting up sequel developments to both respective games. While hints about Bayonetta seemed to be rather off-hand and dismissive, Kamiya’s jibe at stealing Xbox head Phil Spencer’s t-shirt tease left the interviewer, and possibly the rest of the world, with a nagging sense of hope in regards  to an Okami 2. Spencer is known for teasing new game developments by wearing t-shirts that hint at new projects. In the interview, Kamiya gestured to his wolf t-shirt when alluding to the idea of a possible sequel to the videogame. A coincidence? I think not.

Both Bayonetta and Okami are well praised, widely known games that encompass everything brilliant (in my opinion) about Japan: stunning art and a sense of other-worldly wonder. While Bayonetta 2 didn’t receive the success of its predecessor, a third instalment would greatly benefit the gaming community (and possibly the world).

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