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New Homefront trailer tells the future’s history

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios’ Homefront: The Revolution retcons the series’ fiction a bit, and paints a very interesting picture of the North Korean invasion.

If you got kind of lost with that trailer, you’re not alone. The question I asked myself after watching that the first time sounded something like ‘was any of that stuff in there a part of the original Homefront?’

I was under the impression that the US simply fell apart of its own volition before the start of the first game, and had no outside ‘help’ in the form of a nefarious North Korean mega-corp. And that was the case exactly as Deep Silver and new developer Dambuster Studios (it was THQ originally) did indeed alter the fiction.

“The core premise of Homefront – an occupation on American soil – remains unchanged,” said Hasit Zala, Game Director at Dambuster Studios. “But we have created a brand new fiction that offers a very different interpretation of how we got there.”

After the Korean War ended in Homefront, things changed considerably. America started a slow decline in almost every sector. Highlighted by constant war, the US crumbled as North Korea blossomed under the economic might of the APEX corporation. And it’s a might that directly affected the globe, as you can see in the mockumentary (complete with some creepy real video footage sown in) shown below.

Statements about the Earth that we actually inhabit aside though, Homefront: The Revolution is looking pretty nice. Although I was already a fan of what was there to begin with, the story is deeper and better fleshed-out this time around, backing up what should be a solid open-worldish gameplay experience.

Right now, you can check out more about the history of the future here on the Homefront website, and then stay tuned for the game’s arrival. Homefront: The Revolution invades the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May the 20th.

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