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So what’s the story with Michael Jackson and Sonic 3 anyway?

Ever wonder if there’s anything to the rumor that the King of Pop worked on the Sonic 3 soundtrack for Sega?

A while back, there was a rumor that Michael Jackson had actually had a pretty major role in forming the soundtrack for Sonic 3 on the Sega Genesis (or the Mega Drive if you’re not in the US). The story had some merit too, with some fans linking MJ’s previous work with Sega (Moonwalker, shown above), love of the Sonic series in general (yes, really) and early 90s visit to Sega in California to meet the people behind it, al together; connecting the dots, so to speak.

Believe it or not, people actually did research into this. A lot of research. Not only that, but apparently there was a real battle between those in the Sonic fanbase over it too, and it lasted for a good while! Rumor and innuendo aside though, it certainly seems like the truth has finally come to light.

In a story just published by HuffPost and written by Todd Van Lulling, who actually spent a whole year on the case, the online newspaper basically lays it out that MJ did indeed forge the tunes behind the Blue Blur’s third numbered outing. Along with some other members of his team, the pop legend crafted around 40 tracks for the OST, though was not credited for it.

It’s hinted at in the story that there’s a decent reason for that too. Namely that Jackson was accused of some heinous acts shortly after the collaboration took place, and Sega (along with every other company that he was contracted to) wanted to put as much distance between him and them as possible.

Whatever the case might be though, it actually makes for a pretty compelling read and a surprisingly great story. I even learned something from it – Sonic fans were called ‘Blues’. Had no idea. Anyway, hit this link to have gander. If you’re a Sega or MJ fan, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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