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The dead rise in Marvel Comics… or something

Yet another of Marvel Comics’ famed teasers arrived this week with a simple one sheet that reads “DEAD NO MORE”.

Lots of ways that that can be read, don’t you think? It could be that we’re talking about a new Marvel Zombies book (oh lord, I hope not), or maybe a new ‘big event’ book for this coming Summer. And then again, and probably most likely, we could be looking at the return of a ‘dead’ hero (or villain).

This is comics after all, and most characters that get the axe at some point do indeed make a return from the grave. Lately of course, we saw the death of Wolverine, one of the biggest and most-popular comic book characters of all time. I think a return for him would probably be my guess, if I had to take a stab at it too.

While we do have Old Man Logan running around in the mainstream Marvel U post-Secret Wars, but he’s not quite the same as the classic canucklehead. I’d love it if we were looking at Logan making a comeback, but who knows at this point?

We’ll keep you posted on anything further that breaks.

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