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Terminator: Genisys comes home on DVD and Blu Ray tomorrow

One of the most divisive Terminator films in the series, Terminator Genisys arrives for home-viewing tomorrow.

How’d you feel about this past Summer’s big Terminator movie? The film changed tons about the mythos and basically wiped away the whole of what came before in favor of a new continuity that was, shall we say ‘different’?

However you did feel about the changes though, the movie didn’t do that well in the US so you’re not alone if you didn’t care for it. Not even breaking the $100 million level according to Forbes, the movie wasn’t what American audiences were looking for from the franchise. But a failure it wasn’t, since it did spectacularly in China which brought its global total up to over $400 million.

While that’s not incredible or record-breaking, it is a pretty nice amount and one that looks to mean a sequel could be incoming after all. Thought was that there wouldn’t be a follow-up thanks to the US disappointment, but the global tally changes up a bit.

And though a sequel is still up in the air and not definitely happening, it could feasibly be a reality, which means that the story that begins in Genisys could be the Terminator narrative going forward. If you were one of the majority of fans who didn’t catch the film in theaters and want to get caught up, this home video release is your chance.

The discs arrive at retail and the film will be made available on digital download storefronts tomorrow, November 10th

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