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Rocket League will mutate in November

Change is coming to the popular rocket car/ soccer hybrid next month.

The “Mutators” update brings complete changes to the way the game can be played. According to the official Playstation blog, players will be able to change a variety of settings for custom games including ball size, amount of boost, car weight, ball type, boost strength, and more, as boasted by the teaser released by Psyonix this morning.

If players don’t want to create their own custom games, they will be able to join preset public mashup playlists to get a different experience with each kickoff.

Although a firm release date for the update was not announced today, it was confirmed that the content will be free for all players, and will release sometime in November. A second portion of the changes, involving what looks like a hockey rink, is teased for December in the video.

Rocket League is a game that is perfectly playable without all the changes that Psyonix is bringing to the table, however, what looks like at least two new cars and a multitude of new ways to play is something that I will never balk at as a dedicated player.

Anyone interested in further information about the update can tune into Psyonix’s twitch.tv channel at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday, Oct. 29 for a more in depth look.

As for me, the new modes can’t possibly get here too soon.

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