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Bridge Constructor (Xbox One) Review

Bridge Constructor was previously an iPhone physics-puzzle game that should have stayed on a mobile platform, because this is clearly nothing but a non-functioning, lazy port with no purpose other than to generate a few bucks to the creator’s pockets.

In the land of Camatuga, there was a devastating earthquake which destroyed all of the bridges (though, apparently not the people, just the bridges). Your job, as master bridge constructor, is to build new bridges which will stand the test of time, as well as bridge-homicidal earthquakes.

However, in this land of bridge destruction and reconstruction, there is one thing which changes the rules of the game totally: a complete lack of physics. That’s right, in this physics based puzzle game, the physics don’t work… not even remotely. Bridges don’t shatter like glass under the weight of two trucks, and they definitely don’t fly into the sky like birds.

The game itself is very difficult, but not difficult like “man, this game sure is hard, but I’m having a good time.” it’s more like “Oh, well, that’s just great, that part of the bridge spontaneously fell through that part of the bridge….oh and that piece shot off and jabbed some old lady through the eye.” At one point during my experience, a bridge crumbled to pieces as a the last car drove across and I still received max score which should say something about the scoring system of the game.

Once you complete every stage on each island, you unlock the ability to have heavy load semis drive across the bridge which is supposed to make the puzzles harder. And I suppose it does, but the game is hard enough already.

Let’s talk about options and the lack thereof for a second too. To complete each puzzle you are given three elements (and sometimes not even all of those at once), wood, concrete, and cable. I understand it’s an iPhone game at heart, but there are some great and detailed mobile games out there, and this isn’t one of them.

Final Thoughts

I know it’s not particularly professional to talk this bad about a game but let’s be honest, the game doesn’t function. It’s poorly optimized, the physics don’t work, the controls are weird, and then there’s the big question: Why would anyone short of a bridge/construction fanatic, purchase this game on a home console?

I’m sure it’s fine for your phone… I mean, I only use mine when I’m waiting in line or in a public restroom, but even then there are better games to play, instead take the ten bucks you would have spent on this, and buy better games on your phone, you owe it to yourself.

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