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Indie survival/horror game Noct throws some massive monsters at you

Well, this is creepy and somewhat unexpected. Noct, from Devolver Digital and developer C3SK, casts multiplayer survival in a whole new light.

I like that aesthetic. The FLIR-type imagery is awesome and meant to convey the sense that you’re watching the action on-screen from a satellite high above what’s left of the Earth, post-apocalypse. It’s actually a part of the title’s hook too, as things are perpetually bathed in the cover of night in Noct, hence the name. Oh, and that music is pretty trippy too, setting the stage nicely for the gigantic monsters that roam the land in Noct,

Of course, there’s a reason that the tunes are so cool, and that’s because C3SK got Nine Inch Nails’ Robin Finck and Worldclock to craft the OST for the game. Pretty nice that. Better than just a cool set of musical accompaniment and some interesting graphics though, Noct looks to dump the survival/horror scene on its head with a focus on multiplayer.

Not a fast-action title by any means, and somewhat reminiscent of what’s possible in games like Day Z, you’ll be able to play how you like in the horror-besieged world present in the game. You can team up with people that you meet in its online world and take on the nightmares together, splitting resources and pooling skills, or turn on one another (like most humans would probably do) and wipe each other out. It’s up to you.

Get ready for eternal night, and just in time for Halloween too, as Noct arrives on the PC on October 22nd.

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