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Branded hardware and classic Star Wars games light-speeding onto PS4

Sony has announced a special set of hardware that will star Darth Vader and some classic Star Wars games, though they may or may not be exclusive to the PS4.

This is a big Star Wars year, a very big Star Wars year. With the opening film of a new (promising looking) trilogy hitting theaters in December, and Star Wars Battlefront making a return to consoles, there’s a lot to be excited about.

And if you’ve been sitting on getting a PS4, now might be your time to act as Sony has a pair of Darth Vader consoles that are on the way. The new 1TB console will have Vader’s face (well, helmet) emblazoned across the side, and the included controller will be in full Star Wars deco as well. That new console will include a copy of Disney Infinity 3.0 as well, and all the trimmings- including that awesome Boba Fett figurine.

Then there’s also a non-branded console that’ll be available, with a pack-in of Star Wars Battlefront. I don’t know why Disney Infinity gets a Darth Vader console and Battlefront doesn’t, but thems the breaks kids.

In addition to that, there are some addition games to play on that new console as well, ones of the classic persuasion. Included in the box for both new consoles are download codes for Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Star Wars: Jedi StarFighter and Star Wars: Racer Revenge. That’s not a bad set of titles at all, even if it is a little heavy on the prequels.

Now, if you already have a PS4, you won’t have to buy a new console just to get the new PSN additions. All of the above will also be available to purchase on Sony’s network, and that nifty controller I mentioned will also be buyable separately.

Also interesting to note, is that there was no mention of any of the games being PlayStation exclusives at the unveiling that took place over the weekend. So with that, there’s probably a solid chance that the titles will be also hitting Xbox Live. Stay tuned for that.

As it stands now though, 2015 just got another dose of Star Warsy goodness.

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