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Gamescom 15: Watch Faith’s rise from runner to hero in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

See what happens when Faith sees more than she should have in EA’s Mirror’s Edge prequel.

‘Tense’ is probably a good word to use with that one, as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst looks fast, action-packed, and just about what fans would want from another (long awaited) entry in the series. That’s basically the moment that faith goes from the character that she was to the one that she is in the original Mirror’s Edge, which is really the focus of the entire game.

Picking up when she’s fresh from a stint in juvenile detention, Faith is welcomed to the Runner’s Lair by her “mentor” Noah. Tasked with breaking into the Elysium building in the Downtown area of the city, Faith is supposed to pull a simple data theft in this first assignment. As you can see it though, doesn’t really go according to plan.

And if the whole game has the tense feel that that trailer did, well, you can punch my ticket now. No release date for this one as of yet, but you can expect Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to hit the Xbox One, PS4, and PC some time in 2016.

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