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Predator cleaves skulls in Mortal Kombat X today

Kombat Pack owners will be able to download the Predator Bundle for their copies of Mortal Kombat X today, with a standalone download coming soon.

Nothing like the smell of fried zombie… thing in the morning!

Not that you probably ever thought about a Jason vs Predator matchup, but I’d guess that it’d probably go something like that since the Pred has that nifty ranged weapon at his disposal. As for the rest of the MKX roster, well it doesn’t look like the old Predator is going o be too much of a pushover for anyone.

With the ability to cloak, that shoulder-mounted cannon, and his deadly cache of bladed weapons, one of the most popular movie ‘monsters’ of all time should fit right into NetherRealm’s latest fighting game just fine. He’s not all that’s included in the Predator Bundle though, as there’s actually a pretty nice selection of skins to go along with him.

Commando Johnny Cage, an Infrared-shaded version of Scorpion, and freaking Carl Weathers (from the Predator movie) appears as Jax in the pack, which is available now for owners of the game’s season pass- the Kombat Pack. If you don’t own the Pack, and don’t want to buy in now for it, you’ll get a shot at the Predator as well, you just have to wait a bit longer.

Tuesday, July 14th sees the Bundle go on general sale for all gamers, and will cost you $7.99 USD. As usual, you’ll also be able to buy just the extra character as Predator himself will also be available for just $4.99 USD. And should you want to skip the big guy for some reason, but like the looks of those skins, you can pick up the Predator Prey Pack separately as well on the 14th, which will cost you $3.99 USD.

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