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Tales From the Borderlands Episode 3: Catch a Ride (Xbox One) Review

Rhys and Fiona return in Tales from the Borderlands Episode 3: Catch a Ride.

Previously on Tales from the Borderlands, we left off immediately after discovering the Gortys Project which, after a lengthy fight/escape sequence, you come to find is… an adorable little Wall-E type character. Gortys didn’t come without a price though, as (in my storyline anyway, it can be different depending on the choices that you make) Vaughn’s bad luck gets worse. I missed a quick-time at some point, and he was hit with a taser dart.

I think the humor in this episode is really the best in the Tales series so far, but it also doesn’t come without it’s price… and that is TellTale’s signature move: “Let’s make you feel terrible for something you had virtually no control over”. Vaughn spends most of the episode paralyzed, and there are a few dialogue choices scattered here and there that hint at the coming storm in the next couple of episodes. Basically, Vaughn is starting to look like this series’ blood sacrifice.

After escaping the complex where you find Gortys, you encounter someone who seems to be the true main villain of the story: Vallory the Queenpin (who turns out to be August’s mother). The episode starts to spiral out of control from there, and leads to Fiona and Rhys teaming up with none other than the Vault Hunter Athena.

Later on in the episode, we find another Gortys project building, which houses what seems to be a laboratory, and a vast unnatural jungle, without a doubt one of the more beautiful locations on Pandora. Inside the laboratory, we meet an unnerving man, who shows us where we might be able to find the next Gortys upgrade. The only issue is that it’s through the aforementioned forest, full of who knows what. Although, since it’s Pandora, I’m willing to bet that it’s probably not friendly.

Make that ‘definitely not friendly’.

Final Thoughts

Altogether, this felt like the longest episode in the series yet, but while the humor in this episode is great, I had a hard time finishing Catch a Ride for some reason.

As such, it’s not my favorite episode of the first Borderlands season, but it definitely sheds the most light on the characters we follow, especially Athena. I actually can’t wait to see the next episode though, and maybe take down that *edited for NSFW content* Vallory.

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