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Microsoft kills off Kinect for the PC… kind of

Microsoft won’t be selling Kinect for the PC any longer, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to wave your arms around on your personal computer. You know, if that’s your bag.

Kinect is pretty easily one of those things that you either love or are completely indifferent about. I can’t even say ‘hate’, because I’ve found that if people don’t love the peripheral and what it can do, then they just kind of don’t care about it. And that might actually be worse. I guess the same can be said of the Wii-mote and PS Move though, as that whole motion control thing just kind of washed away in a flash flood of meh.

Anyway, back to the item at hand here, which is the discontinuation of the Kinect sensor for the PC. And I mean, the one that’s strictly for the PC, as Gamesindustry is reporting that Microsoft will continue to make the Xbox One standalone unit as well as sell an adapter that you can use to plug it into your computer if you like. While I can’t imagine that anyone would actually want to do that, it does make sense as having two versions of Kinect out and on the market is confusing to the consumer and seems a bit anti-productive.

Microsoft also claims that, despite dropping the add-on from Xbox One boxes, they’re still dedicated to supporting Kinect as a platform on both the Xbox One and the PC. So, who knows, you might get some use out of it yet PC gamers (probably not though).

The Xbox One version of the sensor (which again, will be the only one out there), sells for $150.00 USD, and the ne adapter hits the $50.00 USD mark.

Source: Gamesindustry

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