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Batman: Arkham series might be getting the remastered treatment

Another day, another announcement of a remastered last-gen game… well, a rumor of a remaster anyway. Though I don’t think there are too many people out there who’d be too upset to hear that the Batman: Arkham games would be getting a rebirth.

Making the rounds as of yesterday, with IGN Italy reporting the development and Gamespot picking up the story, a packaging of both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City might be in the works for consoles. Allegedly set for rerelease before the end of the year (Holiday), the games would be bundled together and not include the somewhat less well-received Arkham Origins, which was the sole game in the series not developed by Rocksteady.

Rocksteady is, of course, also the development house for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight, which is being billed as the final game in the series (though I doubt that, if sales and praise hold up). So far, there’s nothing in the way of details on this as it’s strictly a rumor right now, though I have to imagine that the games would probably be getting a few little odds and ends in the way of ‘extras’, and probably a graphical upgrade. That last part should really be something to see as they were both already gorgeous games already.

As for Batman: Arkham Knight, that’s confirmed for June 23rd as of now, though it does keep on getting pushed back.

Source: MCV

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