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Spider-Verse kicks off on Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon

The big event that’s wrapping up in Marvel Comics right now is on the way to the cartoon version of the web-head, with some minor (and major) alterations.

Focusing on the Green Goblin instead of the enigmatic Morlun, Spider-Verse is otherwise pretty similar to the comics. Gobby starts popping open portals to other dimensions of the multiverse. As you might expect, this leads Pete to teaming up with alternate versions of himself including the popular version from “the year 2099 (guest voice Freddy Rodriguez), Spider-Girl (guest voice Olivia Holt), Spider-Ham (guest voice Benjamin Diskin), Spyder-Knight (guest voice Christopher Daniel Barnes)”, and Miles Morales, who’ll be voiced by possible movie MM Donald Glover.

Spider-Verse is set to be a four-part series and will start Thursday, March the 5th and then air weekly after that till the finale on March 26th. The rundown is below, including times, dates, and descriptions of what you can expect from each installment, as well as which Spidey’s will be involved.

THURSDAY, MAR. 5 (9:00PM ET/PT) – “The Spider-Verse: Part One

When the Goblin opens portals to alternate worlds, Spider-Man must team up with alternative versions of Spider-Man to stop him, including a future version from the year 2099 (guest voice Freddy Rodriguez), and Spider-Girl (guest voice Olivia Holt), from a world where everyone’s gender has been swapped!

THURSDAY, MAR. 12 (9:00PM ET/PT) – “The Spider-Verse: Part Two

Spider-Man continues to pursue Goblin on a chase through parallel dimensions. First, he teams up with a Spider-Man from a noir world (guest voice Milo Ventimiglia), and then he has a zany adventure with Spider-Ham (guest voice Benjamin Diskin).

THURSDAY, MAR. 19 (9:00PM ET/PT) – “The Spider-Verse: Part Three

Spider-Man chases Goblin through a portal to Medieval York, where he meets Spyder-Knight (guest voice Christopher Daniel Barnes), and then to a parallel universe where Peter Parker has died and 13-year-old Miles Morales (guest voice Donald Glover) is now Spider-Man.

THURSDAY, MAR. 26 (9:00PM ET/PT) – “The Spider-Verse: Part Four

When the Goblin uses DNA from six alternative Spider-Men to grow his own powers, the original Spider-Man will need to assemble his alternative world counterparts to defeat him.

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