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Leaked Gameplay Footage of The Order: 1886 is Only Five Hours Long

Sony’s got a brewing PR fiasco on their hands. 

Youtuber PlayMeThrough released gameplay footage of The Order: 1886 and based on their playthrough, it’s only about five hours long. PlayMeThrough said that about half the time is single-player gameplay and the rest is unskippable cutscenes; however, this youtuber did rush through without exploring the game and rarely died. Another player achieved a platinum trophy for their playthrough, clocking in about 9 hours of gameplay. This NeoGAF post breaks down the players experience with the game. While Sony has yet to comment, Andrea Pessino, founder and CTO of Ready at Dawn, refuses to comment on what he terms “clickbait” rumors about the game’s length.

In my review for Transistor, I discussed how Supergiant Games focuses on quality of gameplay rather than quantity and I’m curious to see if this is an example of that. The Order: 1886 is a beautiful game, creating a gritty alternate reality of London. I do not think people have an issues inherently with shorter gameplay, but with the cost of the game in relation to length of gameplay. Paying fifteen dollars to play a ten hour game is not an issue; however, when the price reaches the AAA level, fans want a higher value to balance the increased cost. Ready at Dawn built an engine from scratch for this game and the graphics are beautiful and these aspects of game design aren’t cheap or easy. There are no right answers and only time will tell.

Will you gamble and purchase The Order: 1886? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. All of that is basically true of Vanquish. Short game, no multiplayer or replay value. But people treat that game like a cult classic. But put more effort into a game and give and give it massive production values, and suddenly, you can shit all over it.

  2. I just did the math of the “value” of a 10 hour play through and let’s be honest, most of us will take longer. Still, at 10 hours, you are talking about essentially paying $6/hour to be entertained. That’s not that bad of a deal IF, and notice the capitalization, IF the game is good. We’ll just have to see if gameplay and story compensate for lack of campaign length.

  3. I really don’t get why the furor over this. If it was 2 or even 4 hours I could understand, but a solid 5 hours with more to play if you feel like it is a plus for me. I’m in the camp that most games are too damn long anyway.

  4. I agree that I prefer something more substantial. I think no matter how good a game looks, 60 bucks is too much for a sub 7 hour game. Of course, it may be amazing value when it gets discounted.

    But again, people will treat this game like shit and a game like Vanquish like a cult classic.

  5. I prefer longer games, but I can still enjoy a short game with amazing production value. Of course, the price can be a problem, but it will be discounted eventually.

  6. Where was this sentiment when Heavenly Sword came out?

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