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4200MAH Portable Battery Charger iPhone Case (Hardware) Review

As an iPhone User you will know that the battery life isn’t the greatest, and like many others I fell foul to this on a night out recently, so I decided to pick my self up a charger case.

For the price, this case is definitely worth a purchase. When it arrived I was surprised by how big it was, and ill admit at first I was a little put off by how bulky my phone now looked. But after a few minutes it felt natural and it sat quite nicely in my hand. To charge the case you simply plug the USB into the slot and it will begin charging. If the phone is in the case and your charging it will charge your phone up first and then the case, which is a nice touch.  To help with using the phone for those who don’t want to hold it all the time, there is a nice little catch at the back which allows the phone to be propped up, Perfect for those mornings when you want to watch something on your phone whilst eating breakfast.

My only gripe currently is sometimes the phone will come loose which means the phone rattles a little bit, but its nothing a small piece of blu-tac behind the phone wont solve.

The case is currently on EBay for £12.99 and if you have an iPhone 5/5s then I can see now reason why you wouldn’t want one. Especially considering the competition is currently going for £36.99.



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