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Meet Wraith: The new Evolve monster revealed

Meet the newest member of the Evolve monster family, Wraith.

Turtle Rock Studios released a new video showcasing the newest member of the monster family named, Wraith. This monster is one scary SOB. Imagine crossing a ring wraith from Lord of The Rings with a praying mantis and that pretty much explains how the new monster looks. Turtle Rock given this new Wraith monster some pretty incredible powers.

Starting off with Warp Blast which allows the Wraith to cover large distances to a hunter and then the Wraith comes crashing down with a power blast. Next up is the Decoy power. The Wraith can make a copy of itself and then it turns invisible. The Wraith can either double up on attacking or use this opportunity to escape a firefight. Don’t get too comfortable as the Abduction Power allows for the Wraith to sweep up a Hunter and deposit the Hunter across the map. Then the Wraith will transport back to the spot of the hunters and suddenly they are down a team member. The last power is called Supernova. This power creates an arena and while in the arena the Wraith becomes a meleeing monster machine. This monster is Evolve’s finesse fighter.


The new monster for Evolve, the Wraith, is one bad mama jama.

Xbox Live Gold Members will get one more opportunity to play the beta before the release of Evolve on February 10, 2015. From January 15 – 19, Xbox Gold members can take part in this open beta. Then during the open beta starting January 17, gamers can experience “Evacuation” for the first time. This is a new type of gameplay that sandwiches together all the different events into one giant match. Also, all progress made during the beta will carry over to the release of Evolve. Now to participate in this beta you must have an Xbox One and be an Xbox Gold Member. The beta is going to be a little different for PC owners as well as PS4 owners.

PC owners will have limited access to this beta. If a PC owner participated in the alpha then they can also participate in the beta. If a PC user has already purchased Left 4 Dead or Bioshock Infinite on Steam then that will be another way to participate in the beta. PS4 owners will have had to participate in the alpha and will have received an invitation.  Neither one of these betas will include the Evacuation mode or will have progress transfer over.

The final news for Evolve revolves around the ability to play offline. The answer from Turtle Rock is an astounding yes. Bots will control the other hunters and monster. Players will have more control over which hunter each bot picks as well as the level to play on. Solo play will also feature quick changing on the fly. By simply pressing a direction on the d-pad, the player will be able to swap between different hunters through the match. Check out the video below from Turtle Rock Studios on how to play offline.

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