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EA giving out Dragon Age: Origins for free to Origin users

In a marketing move for the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition, EA has announced that Dragon Age: Origins will be their “Game on the House” until October 14th. Anyone can get this game, as long as you create an Origin account and register the game with it.

This is frankly too good of a deal to pass up for anyone who missed out on DA:O the first time around. The first installment in the Dragon Age series, its battle system may feel a little archaic, but its story is second to none. Anyone planning on checking out Inquisition this November or looking for a new RPG to feed hours and hours of their life into should take advantage of this.

Dragon Age Promo 2
If you like fighting dragons and dealing with morally-grey witches, DA:O is right up your alley.

Of note; while the base game itself is free, the DLC and Awakening expansion are not. I’d advise playing the game first and then seeing if you enjoy it enough to play the DLC. There is plenty of quality DLC in this game (The Darkspawn Chronicles and Witch Hunt especially), and Awakening is a full-length expansion to the base game, something rarely seen these days.

You can pick up Dragon Age: Origins through this link or through the Origins storefront.

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