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More Shulk in Famitsu scans

Famitsu scans are in, and our favorite monado wielding hero is appearing in them next to Little Mac. A translation for the scans has also surfaced.

The new scans illuminate the nature of Shulk’s fighting style in Super Smash Brothers. The various monado arts that he can employ influence the way Shulk can move and attack, as well as stats such as his defense and attack power. The monado art “buster” increases his attack power but weakens his launch power. The monado art speed increases, you guessed it, speed, but weakens his attack power. The monado art shield improves Shulk’s defense, but decreases his attack and movement.

Finally, there’s jump and smash which did not appear in Xenoblade and is unique to Smash Brothers. Jump increases, you guessed it again, Shulk’s jump and midair jump, the downside to this art is Shulk’s defense lowers. The smash art improves your attack and smash power but also makes you easier to launch. Overall, a very interesting set of abilities for Shulk, making him a welcome addition to the series and a unique swordsman to boot. Other noteworthy tidbits are the fact that his attacks have a decent range, so if you’re not as fond of close range combat in the form of characters like Marth, this character will suit you well.

Much like Xenoblade the player is encouraged to attack opponents from multiple angles, this is because the moves do more damage that way. So if you’re using backslash for example, you’ll want to hit your opponent from behind in order to cause more harm. His counter ability is a vision, in which Shulk sees the future and anticipates an enemy’s attack. Riki is both an assist trophy and part of your final smash, which is something that hasn’t ever happened before. Normally a character is either an assist trophy, playable or part of a final smash, so this is a refreshing change.

Shulk’s final smash, as you previously saw in his reveal trailer, is a chain attack with Riki and Dunban. They pummel their foe with considerable speed and relentless fury. The assist trophy Riki behaves much like he would in the game, assaulting enemies with a variety of abilities that put them to sleep, freeze them, etc.

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on Shulk. Do you think he might be an appealing character to use?

Source: GoNintendo

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