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Uncharted remakes might be heading to PS4

Sony wants gamers who missed out on the PS3 to see what they missed, and Uncharted might be chief on the list of titles to remake.

If you’re one of the gamers who skipped out on the PS3 and have migrated from ‘another platform’ to Sony’s current gen rig the PS4, you’re not alone. At least, that’s what Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida said in an interview with Eurogamer. According to him, a good number of PS4 adoptees came from Microsoft and Nintendo consoles where they played last-gen and now game on the PlayStation console of the moment.

Yoshida actually claims that about half of the players on the PS4 didn’t own a PS3, which is a huge number. I have to wonder if that’s more due to the possibility that the PS3 failed to win over the normally Sony faithful last generation (who then flocked to other systems and are now coming ‘home’), than the reverse. Personally, I was a huge Sony guy in the PSOne and PS2 eras and lost a lot of confidence in the brand with the way the PS3 was launched and handled, at least in the early going.

But that’s besides the point, as there’s more to this story. Yoshida went on to say that current players are requesting games like the Uncharted series make a reappearance not just with a new installment, but with a remake (or remakes). While going on to say that the company definitely doesn’t want to “flood the market” with remade games (that’s good news), there’s room for a few big releases and the Uncharted games are right at the top of that list.

I’d love to see the original Uncharted appear as an ‘HD’ title since I’m a fan myself and the original really hasn’t aged all that well oddly enough. But what would you like to see and are you in favor of remakes at all, or do you want your games to be all-new experiences?

Source: Eurogamer

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