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Third Call of Duty map pack incoming, will be on Xbox June 3rd

Pack number three, entitled Invasion, will launch this coming week on Xbox Live.

Invasion arrives with a four-pack of maps and the latest installment of the Extinction multiplayer campaign, ‘Awakening’. The maps in the set are pretty imaginative and should add a little something new to any CoD player’s rotation.

Departed, set amongst the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, gives the Death Mariachi perk while Mutiny is filled with ghostly pirates, but I think the award for coolest map in the pack goes to Pharaoh. This map, set in an abandoned Egyptian dig site, features urns of scarabs who’ll eat the flesh off of anyone unfortunate enough to get too close and the Egyptian god of the afterlife himself Anubis. Complete the Field Order in the map, and he’ll reportedly reward that gamer with a ‘handsome’ gift.

Invasion’s four new small-to-medium-sized multiplayer maps feature the fast-paced gameplay Call of Duty fans crave, each one donning a distinct look, feel and unique killstreak. “Departed” is a medium-sized map set in a rural Mexican town during the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration. The colorfully decorated streets, vendor carts and storefronts provide ample cover for run-and-gunners, and players that complete the map’s unique Field Order will unlock the Death Mariachi killstreak. Armed with dual-wielding pistols, the Death Mariachi settles scores, with each kill turning enemy players into another member of the band, and a temporary squad mate.

“Pharaoh” is the abandoned archeological site of an ancient Egyptian palace. Players will have to be on the lookout for collapsing monuments and urns full of flesh-eating scarabs, among other surprises in this multi-level map. Inside the palace, gamers will battle through multiple chambers ideal for close-quarters combat and short-range weapons, all under the watchful eye of Anubis, the half-jackal/half-human, protector of the dead, who will handsomely reward players who unlock this map’s Field Order.

Invasion’s third map, “Mutiny,” transports players to a remote Caribbean island harboring an eerie pirate hideout complete with abandoned trading posts and prison cells. Speed and stealth are a must as players navigate the narrow and intertwining pathways. However, let ye be warned that gamers taking up positions on the pirate ship moored in the center of the map will become vulnerable to enemy fire from the numerous flanking routes created by the map’s horseshoe shaped dock. Players that unlock “Mutiny’s” Field Order will find themselves escorted by two ethereal ghost pirates, who will happily send enemy combatants down to Davey Jones’ locker on their behalf.

Invasion’s fourth multiplayer map is a refreshed version of the fan-favorite map from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2, “Favela.” Since its original release, the Brazilian shantytown has seen substantial change. Buildings once under construction are now complete, while others have crumbled into a state of disrepair. Players must avoid falling to their death as they traverse the map from one building to the next, with ramshackle scaffolding creating varied pathways between structures, and enemy snipers taking advantage of the long sightlines. Players who complete the Field Order in “Favela” will be able to call in heavy air support from a nearby Y-8 Gunship to bring the rain with a 105mm cannon, a 40mm auto-cannon and a 25mm cannon.

Some very cool maps there and the Extinction map Episode 3: Awakening only adds to that. The team descends into the heart of the alien underground in the map to locate the Ancestors- the “mysterious puppet-masters behind the Cryptid invasion.” This one should go out with a bang as it’s almost time for the fifth and final map in the set, due to close out the story and bring an end to Extinction.

You can grab the Invasion map pack to add onto your copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts on June 3rd for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. PlayStation and PC gamers will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the maps; we’ll have the release date for those for you as soon as we hear something.

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