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Bound by Flame’s soundtrack will haunt you like a flame demon

Well, maybe not exactly like a flame demon. While it won’t make you catch on fire though, the OST for Spiders Studio’s newest RPG is being designed to be as haunting and eerie as anything that you’d find in a major motion picture.

Composer Olivier Derivière has crafter a sound for the game that’s tinged with despair and feeling of loneliness as it sets the stage for a world that’s soaked in both. Singer Iré Zhekova does a great job from the looks of it, carrying over that thought and feeling into the game’s vocals, which are not based on any particular language.

Derivière knows what he’s doing too, as he’s worked on titles like Remember Me and the blockbuster Ubisoft game, Assassin’s Creed IV. Bottom line, this guy’s no musical lightweight, and you can directly see that experience come through in the musical compositions featured in Bound by Flame. Getting even further into the narrative aspects of the score, Derivière has used the differences between a choir and lone singer as the auditory differences between the player is in charge of himself in the game, and when the flame demon who’s possessing him is getting the upper hand. Very cool stuff and very mature too- it’s nice to see that kind of deeper thinking going into a game, even in such a superficial way as the soundtrack.

You can take a listen to some of the several hours of new and original music that was created just for the game right here on the official Soundcloud page for Olivier Derivière. Bound by Flame will be available for the Xbox 360, PS4/3, and PC on May 9th and can be pre-ordered right now on Steam or in the official store right now too for a special discount of 15% off.

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