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Kurt’s family is hunted down in Nightcrawler #2

The longtime X-Man’s family has a bullseye on their heads as it falls to the X-Man himself to cross the globe to protect them.

This May, Nighcrawler’s loved ones have been targeted – and it’s up to him to put an end to it in NIGHTCRAWLER #2, the next exciting chapter from legendary writer Chris Claremont and fan-favorite artist Todd Nauck! Someone is hunting down those close to Kurt Wagner, and he’s determined to find out who. The journey will take the newly-resurrected Nightcrawler across the globe to save his nearest and dearest from suffering the same tragic fate he only recently escaped. Classic X-Men characters meet new and deadly threats when the exciting NIGHTCRAWLER #2 teleports its way into comic shops this May!

Is there any X-fan who’s unhappy that Nightcrawler is back in the Marvel U. And I mean the real Nightcrawler here, not a clone, or alternate dimensional version, or some such nonsense- just the real, honest-to-goodness Kurt Wagner. Though now that he’s back, old Kurt has an all new problem- his own family.

As you can see from the promo art below, there’s more than just Nightcrawler in on this one too, with Wolverine pretty clearly displayed. Wolvie and Kurt on a mission together definitely makes this old school X-Men fan pretty happy and I’m hoping that the fuzzy elf’s solo book features more classic X-characters going forward.

Not that Marvel is going to go this route, but having Nightcrawler be an almost ‘team-up’ book would be pretty darned awesome… but then again, I’m a sucker for those kinds of things, so I might be biased. Team-ups aside though, Nightcrawler #2 (co-starring Wolverine) is definitely on the way from all-time great X-Men scribe Chris Claremont and artist Todd Nauck on May 14th.

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