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Unleash the demon in this new Bound by Flame trailer

Have a look at the basics of story and characters classes in the trail for Spiders Studio’s newest title, the upcoming Bound by Flame.

Spiders is the same team that brought gamers Mars War Logs last year and it looks like they’re turning up the heat for Bound by Flame. An action/RPG at heart (like Mars War Logs), Bound by Flame tells the story of a demonically possessed ‘hero’ in a pretty cool way. It kind of reminds me of a more serious in tone Fable in a way- which is a good thing by my standards.

Unlike Fable though, and while you’ll have three classes with which to fit your mercenary into at the start of the game, the flame demon will always be there tempting you from the shadows. Use too much of its power and you’ll start to see your character becoming worse than the evils that he fights throughout the campaign. Good and bad choices are nothing new in video games at this point, but I like the whole dynamic that Spiders is forging here where you are inherently ‘bad’ when the game starts up thanks to being possessed. You’re basically controlling a very flawed character no matter how you play and what class you wedge him into (warrior, mage, or rogue) and that could set up some great story points as the game evolves.

We’ve got a little ways to go yet for this one though as Bound by Flame isn’t scheduled to hit the Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC till quarter 2 of this year. So for right now, we’ll just let it simmer a little while longer on a low flame.

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