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Toy Fair ’14: Matty Collector to announce new MOTUC subscription

Just what it’ll be is something of a mystery, but Matty Collector is set to announce a new add-on subscription to their continuing Masters of the Universe Classics subscription toy line.

As a big fan of the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line myself, I’m pretty interested to see what Scott and the guys and gals at Matty are cooking up for this one. Last year’s Filmation-focused line (which ran for six figures) seemed pretty popular and it looks like something similar is definitely being prepped for 2014’s add-on.

It’s a great way to get more He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toys made after all, and without bloating the main line with figures that might be too niche for most fans of the fiction. Now the only question is, which area of the He-Man mythos will the new line focus on?

A She-Ra sub would actually make a lot of sense, but there are already a bunch of figures in the main line devoted to Prince Adam’s sister and her allies and enemies, so I doubt that’s it. Could it be a series focused on the often brought up ‘He-Ro: Son of He-Man’ sequel line to the original that was never greenlighted? Well, that’d make more sense as a buy-in extra subscription, but is there anywhere near enough of a fan base of the future Eternia for it to actually sell?

It could also be a line based on the mini-comics of years gone by and lesser known characters there, though just the fact that they would be ‘lesser known’ might rule that out too. We also might be looking at a New Adventures of He-Man series, which’d be pretty cool- or maybe even a line coming out of the current DC Comics revival! That would be… controversial.

The bottom line is that there are a ton of what-ifs and possibilities here. Just which it’ll be will have to wait till Toy Fair starts up this coming Sunday since Matty ain’t talking right now. Of course, we can all dream in the meantime. Personally, I’d love to just see a Snake Mountain in the mold of the recently released Castle Greyskull instead of an add-on sub.

With the amount of complaining that fans came up with after the Castle saw release though, I’d imagine the chances of that are somewhere between slim and none. Still, doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?

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