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Meet Titanfall’s Ogre in new trailer

EA and Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall has been one of the most talked about games for 2014 since its debut earlier this year, now Respawn wants to introduce you to another Titan that you’ll be piloting in the multiplayer-shooter; the Ogre.

There are no two ways about it – the Ogre is engineered to be the ultimate battle tank (in titan’s clothing). Engineered to be the ultimate battle tank, the Ogre is capable of taking massive amounts of damage at the expense of agility. As a consequence, the Ogre places a premium on its armor and offensive capabilities. When your mission demands maximum survivability, the Ogre is the only battle platform which consistently out-performs, out-shines, out-lasts and outlives everything else on the battlefield.

There really isn’t much to dislike about Titanfall if you’re a FPS fan and you’re into multiplayer. The entire game experience is centered on multiplayer combat after all- but with the twist that story elements are embedded right into the mode so that you get the sense that you’re playing in a cohesive universe while combating human opponents. It’s a pretty cool idea and one that’s bolstered by the fact that Reapawn is made up of some of the best of the genre, spinning out of Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward.

The Titans seem exactly like the game-changers that they’re designed to be too from these trailers. Each one has strengths and weaknesses and can turn the tide of battle against human and mech enemies in a flash if they’re handled the right way. We’ll have a bunch more of these videos as we get closer to next year’s launch date for Titanfall, so stay tuned and keep your Titan on call.

Titanfall drops onto the Xbox One/360 and PC on March 11th, 2014.

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