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Archer & Armstrong #15 (Comics) Preview

The boys take on the Sect Civil War in an all-out action epic… and a three-thousand year binge.

WARNING: This is no longer a (FINGER QUOTES) “fun” comic. Now that the Sect Civil War has begun, it is now a (FINGER QUOTES) “grim” and (FINGER QUOTES) “gritty” work of (REAL QUOTES) “sequential literature” with blood and headshots and naughty words (like “H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS”) and if you squint real hard at the backgrounds, maybe boobies.

In this particular issue, the man now calling himself Dark Archer (NOTE TONAL SHIFT) must find his former partner Armstrong so they can reunite to stop the aforementioned Sect Civil War. Only, that is, if Armstrong and his brother, Ivar the Timewalker, can finish their 3,000 year binge in the time stream and sober up in time to change the Valiant Universe forever!

Aside from Quantum and Woody, Archer & Armstrong is probably the most purely fun book in the Valiant stable. Even in the face of world-dominating societies, vicious cults and wacked-out supervillains, A&A still maintain a proper level of hilarity- and drunkenness, can’t forget the drunkenness.

Sect Civil War is probably the biggest storyline to hit the book since it’s (re)debut last year, and as much fun as the twosome are, it’s a no joke kind of tale with some far-reaching consequences that are bound to be felt in the Valiant U for a good long time yet. Much like a really, really bad hangover. Not that Armstrong would know anything about those.

Catch Archer & Armstrong #15 when it lands in comic stores tomorrow (November 13th).

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